What we do

We aim to create and maintain a pleasant, happy school environment in which courtesy and tolerance are important qualities, founded on Christian values.

Our children will have a positive picture of themselves, the confidence to develop their talents and grow into independent, caring members of the community.

Our pupils will develop lively, enquiring minds, the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy and knowledge of themselves as learners. We provide opportunities for the growth of their imagination, creativity and physical skills.

They will learn how to lead healthy lifestyles and ways to keep themselves safe.

They will develop an understanding of the world and its people and their responsibility to it; they will respect their own and other cultures and beliefs.

We want parents and carers to take an active role in the education of their children, participating in workshops and opportunities to work alongside their child in school.

We hope to equip each child with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

We deliver a curriculum that is innovative and meaningful, rich in its opportunities and creative in its approach.

Our philosophy is that everyone can ‘have a go’ and that the best conditions for learning are usually in a relaxed but focused atmosphere where children feel supported.

Above all, learning should be fun.