The Parents Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA Committee would like to extend a warm welcome to all parents and teachers at the school.

The PTA is the Parent Teacher Association to which every parent and teacher automatically belongs. Our aim is to have fun and get to know each other, while raising funds for the school at the same time.

We never turn away any help offered!

We have a core committee of parents who work together to coordinate our busy calendar of events and other fundraising activities. The committee is supported by class representatives in each of the five classes, as well as many others who give their time to organise entire events or help out on an ad hoc basis where possible. Although we are well supported in this way we will continue to encourage you to help in any way, whether it is organising an event, selling raffle tickets or having great ideas on how to fund raise – we never turn away any help offered!

The objective of the PTA is to provide funds for additional learning opportunities that cannot be met through the school’s ever tightening budget. One of our main responsibilities is to maintain and cover the running costs of the school’s outdoor pool. This is a fantastic resource for the children and we are proud to say that nearly every child leaves Chewton Mendip Primary School with the ability to swim.

In addition to funding the school pool, we contribute funds to many other aspects of school life. This year our primary goal is to fund the upgrade of the school’s ICT equipment. We have set ourselves the ambitious target of £30,000 which we hope to meet through existing reserves, a range of events and funding applications.

The PTA has over the years raised vast sums of money that contribute to your child’s learning and development at Chewton Mendip

Another focus for this year is the school’s playground facilities. In the last school year (2013-2014) the PTA organised a ‘Grow a Pound’ scheme, through which the children raised a magnificent £2,000. We are planning to use this as seed funding to attract revenue from other streams in order to replace some of the older play equipment and enliven the playground environment.

The PTA has over the years raised vast sums of money that contribute to your child’s learning and development at Chewton Mendip, including extras such as subsidising educational trips.

All this is helping our children to have a more enjoyable education in a pleasant and safe environment. Please help and support us, as much and as often as you can, so we can continue to provide funds that the school needs.