Badger Class

Year 3 and Year 4

Welcome to Badger Class!

The teaching staff team comprises Mrs Maria Carr, assisted by Mrs Colleen Telling and Mrs Katie Jones, our teaching assistants. We work very closely as a team.

Mrs Carr has been at Chewton Mendip since April 2009. She has trained as a teacher at Bath Spa University and has degrees in English, Russian and French. She is the school’s ICT and Science coordinator and makes a regular appearance as E-girl with her side-kick duckling Papaki ( In Greek, @ sign is called papaki (παπάκι), meaning “duckling,” due to the similarity it bears with comic character designs for ducks ) at the internet safety assemblies.

Our classroom is in the original, downstairs part of the Victorian school building. We enhance this space with colourful displays of aids for learning and, most importantly, displays of the children’s work. We are right next to the ICT suite, which means we get to use computers and technology regularly.

We have a happy and supportive class environment and we reward positive learning and attitudes by sharing successes on the online ‘Class Dojo’, which allows parents to also share their children’s rewards and learning experiences instantly.

In English we base our learning on a range of good books which inspire and capture the children’s imagination.

We aim to make maths as meaningful as possible by making it clear why we are learning these skills and linking it wherever possible to real-life scenarios and our topic work. We encourage the children to independently access concrete apparatus and show their working pictorially or by using jottings.

Each term we deliver our science and humanities subjects through a different ‘topic’ that we focus on. Our aim when studying each topic is to make them as engaging as possible for the children. We achieve this by involving the Badgers in what they are going to be learning, arranging interesting and varied class visits and trips, doing learning outdoors in our fantastic school grounds, linking ICT and art skills to our learning and making them as ‘hands-on’ and experiential as possible.

We believe that children should be constantly aware of their successes and what they need to do to ‘get even better’ (Assessment for Learning) so we have built a strong rapport where children use purple pens to respond to colour-coded written comments in their books and give them regular opportunities to reflect upon and improve their work. We encourage children to ask lots of questions, as well as answering them!

We enjoy welcoming visitors and helpers, like school governors and parents, to assist in guided reading or 1:1 reading sessions. We regularly have student teachers from Bath Spa University as part of the school’s teacher-training partnership with Bath Spa.