Squirrel Class

Year 4 and Year 5

We are a mixed class of Year 4s and Year 5s with a more or less equal split between the year groups and genders. We are right next to the ICT suite, which means we get to use computers and technology regularly.

We get to take part in exciting projects like ePals, Flat Stanley and Skype in the Classroom which help us to learn and collaborate with each other and with school children around the world. We enjoy welcoming visitors and helpers, like school governors and parents, to assist in guided reading sessions. We regularly have student teachers from Bath Spa University as part of the school’s teacher-training partnership with Bath Spa.

We are enthusiastic about all the wonderful and exciting learning opportunities we get in different areas of the curriculum

Year 4s go on an annual overnight adventure camp with Year 4s and Year 3s from Badger class. Year 5s go on a 3-day residential school trip every other year.
We are enthusiastic about all the wonderful and exciting learning opportunities we get in different areas of the curriculum, like the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Science as well as PE, Art, DT, French, History, Geography, Computing, RE and Music.

We use Class Dojo, an online behaviour management system, to encourage the development of positive attitude and learning skills and to keep parents up to date with their children’s daily activities and progress in school via the Class Story and Messaging.

Squirrel class is taught by Mrs Carr, who has been at Chewton Mendip since April 2009. She has trained as a teacher at Bath Spa University and has degrees in English, Russian and French. She is the school’s ICT and Science coordinator and makes a regular appearance as E-girl with her side-kick duckling Papaki ( In Greek, @ sign is called papaki (παπάκι), meaning “duckling,” due to the similarity it bears with comic character designs for ducks ) at the internet safety assemblies.

Mr Barker is a Teaching Assistant and a Staff Governor. He is a sculptor by training (and calling) and we are lucky to benefit from his artistic flair and attention to detail. He also leads our excellent Forest School.

Mrs Dawson is a Teaching Assistant who supports Squirrel class on Mondays. She is indispensable in helping children in Numeracy and Literacy, working with individuals and groups.